New plants in 2017


I am left with so little time these days its hard to keep up with watering new plants nevermind documenting their introduction! But what would a plant list be if their incomplete Additions: Hakone Grass Lady Fern Sedum Sunsparkler Cornus Canadensis (bunchberry) Arborvitae North Pole Rasberry Anne Fall bearing Rasberry Joan J Fall bearing Rasberry […]

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Planning for our Neighborhood Entrances


I am very excited to be a part of the planning for updating the plantings for our neighborhood entrances. HOA Requirements Drought-tolerant (after establishment should have no additional watering requirements) Perennial (do not want to replant year over year) Cost considerate My Requirements Pollinator Friendly All year color / interest Structure Meets light requirements Must […]

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Another powdery mildew victim

Powdery mildew — an ever present danger in Colorado gardens. To battle it on a peony I am trying a top coat of a mouthwash solution. Paeonia ‘Dr Alexander Fleming’ 9/4/2016 powdery mildew. 30% solution mouthwash applied to leaves.  Trimmed lower leaves. 11/1/2016  Update The mouthwash treatment kept mildew at bay for a couple weeks, […]

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