I love Linum!

Linum ‘Lewisii’  or common prarie flax is a gorgeous early spring native to much of the US and Canada.  With flowers ranging from a gorgeous deep blue  as they begin to open, to a lovely violet in its full glory, these are a great bet for a Colorado native garden.  This herbaceous plant has small leaves on narrow stems that sway with the wind.  Stems grow in a bunch forming an nice wide vase shape.

To grow these is easy, and can be propagated by seed.  I started the plant shown from seed in early 2014 indoors.  The plant remained small the first year only getting a few stems.  This year its at its best.  I have also started seedlings from 2014 purchase with a nearly 100% propogatation rate.




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Where should it go? Part 1



275775PPenstemon strictus – 5″ pot   

These beauties will grow in the heat of our southern exposure native garden next to the pinks of echinacea and and dark purple of the may night sage.

Now I need more yellow! Perhaps something low?

166320Lonicera sempervirens Major Wheeler – 5″ pot   This will live on my new arbor – which will be white?   Especially nice in the shady area 
297350Veronica oltensis – 2.5″ Pot – this goes in the my new raised bed.   


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