Unexpected fall color

Spirea 'Gold Flame'

This fall in Colorado has been as long an Indian summer as I can remember.   It is just now that some of my plants are showing their fall foliage.  With the amount of shade I receive in even the sunniest spots of my garden, the plants tend to lag a week or two behind the neighbor’s who have the same plant in full sun.  Take this dwarf burning bush in my front yard..  In the backyard it is still green!  The neighbors took off at least a week and a half ago!

One of the surprises this fall has been my Miss Kim lilac. Its burgundy is quite striking.  How did I not notice this before?  Maybe it takes a fall with warm temperatures to extend the season long enough to produce such beauty.  But alas its all mine!

The Gold Flame spirea is also another charmer.  Here you see pink leaves that may be new growth with the copper of the fall color and its summer green.  How pretty is that?


With all the new growth I’ve seen on some of my plants I’m hoping this doesn’t cause  a shock once winter finally decides to make its appearance.

Miss Kim Lilac
Spirea 'Gold Flame'

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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