Fall in Colorado – Aspens of all colors

Another blog post about Aspens in Colorado? Sure!

Most every visitor to Colorado knows that the aspens in fall can be a spectacular natural sight to behold.  Natives like me tend to forget that aspen viewing is a great adventure in our backyards.  This year we through South Park and the Collegiate Peaks and were amazed at variety of colors the aspens graced us with.

Aspens in Denver often don’t have a good showing in fall.  I don’t whether this is due to longer warm weather in fall or if precipitation is a factor.  Aspens also do not live long and are susceptible to a number of diseases when taken out of their natural habitat at higher elevation.

One thing is for sure,  the aspen in its habitat during fall is something to behold.


An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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