Becoming a Master Gardener in Colorado

Ten years ago I had grand plans to boost my gardening knowledge.

So off the to the Denver Botanic gardens I went, signing up for a number of classes to become a MASTER!

But life got in the way and some classes went unused, and then the years rolled into another.

Today my wonderful husband said I should take that up again.  I should pursue learning as much as I can about the hobby I so love.  I thought yes why not?  I’ve got the time and ambition!

Enter 2012. Classes are mid-day in my county.  So must I be retired or unemployed to take advantage, I’m hoping not.  It used to be these classes were offered at night, but we will see what we can manage.

So tomorrow I will contact my Jeffco contact and see what I can do.

Classes have already started so I may be too late, but there is always next year, isn’t there?


Becoming a master gardener in Jeff Co Colorado.


Jefferson Patti O’Neal
Training for Broomfield, Denver, Gilpin, and Jefferson Counties held in Golden, Denver, and Broomfield. Thursdays,
starting Jan. 12

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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