Spring in January?


There is nothing like a warm day in January to awake the gardening bug.  Colorado has had another one of those strange winters where the cold snap in January is non-existent and our mountain snow pack is ensuring water restrictions come summer.

But what a lovely 60+ degree day to head out and do some of the spring to-do list a little early!  Of course I’ll never get done with the already growing list, but hey its a start.

Fighting Mildew in the Vegetable garden

Two years ago my vegetable garden was stricken with a terrible case of powdery mildew.  It was bad enough that even this summer the weeds that sprung up had a bad case of it as well.  I have read my less than stellar fall cleanup could be allowing the mildew to overwinter on leaf debris and grass clippings that did not decompose.  If I plan to have a garden this year,  a thorough cleaning was in order.  Today I removed over 5 bags of clippings and leaves.

To also combat the problem, I plan to create raised beds with fresh soil, and will cover the areas in between the beds with landscape fabric and pea gravel.



Here is my list.

  1. Rake the vegetable garden to prep for the soon to be built raised beds.
  2. Begin the preparation for my rose garden.   This means raking away river rock and pulling up dreaded plastic.
  3. Get some more mulch on my beds.  I avoided it this fall and beds are looking bare in spots.




An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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