Need to feed the bees

Syrup in bag with small holes

We went through quite a cold snap in early November, hitting record lows of -14 degrees farenheit.   I don’t know if the bees survived as they have little protection in the flicker’s tree nest. If the y managed to survive the bees may not have enough honey to keep them for the winter. This week will be in the 50’s so its a good time to get them some sugar.

Preparing the syrup
If you’ve made margaritas from scratch you know how to make simple syrup from white sugar. Its the same principle but you must ensure you do not boil the sugar. This can change the sugar into compounds that can be toxic to bees.
I will prepare a 1:1 sugar to water mix. Boil 1 cup water then pull off heat. Add sugar and stir. Allow to cool to room temp.

Feeding mechanism
Since my bees are high in the tree I will be suspending the mixture further down the tree. I’ll try a couple methods. First I’ll try a plastic bag with small holes at the top. I need to find a sling that will keep the mixture towards the top of the bag to allow for continual feeding.
The second method will be a shallow pan with twigs in it. This will be on the ground and hope my dog doesn’t get more pleasure out of it than the bees!

Reviewing Activity

10:58 AM no activity seen near the tree hive.  Maybe they are already gone?

Info on feeding bees:

Syrup in bag with sma

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