What native plants bring

Everyone knows I love animals.  I have always kept bird feeders, provided shelter and water to birds. In 2014, I  added more to the arsenal in my quest to be a neighbor of habitat.  Having fresh water for birds is just as important.  A hanging bath has drawn more than all my lovely traditional baths.  But even more I notice that as I change my plants selections from non-native to native species I see more diversity in our often ignored community members, the pollinators.  Species that depend on the nectar of flowering plants for food as well as leaves for their young.

This is ever more important these days with the trend of industrial factory farms.  Their methods destroy all but the most genetically modified seeds, not to mention the pesticide bombs every seed has become.  Unfortunately the influence of Monsanto and Bayer in agriculture means those who want to preserve habitat must generate in our own front yards.

Being so fortunate to have the space for a garden, I also feel an immense responsibility to provide habitat for the wild species.   While we go about our day our local governments allow irresponsible development with no regard for quality of life for the housing inhabitants or the fast disappearing prairie ecosystems.

If I can be a haven for the few wild animals lucky enough to survive, I will have done the LEAST I can do.

Imagine if those of influence (landscape architects, city planners, developers) could find the same path– what a world we could have? 

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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