Spring Harvest

The first crop of radishes took 6 weeks to be ready, a week longer than the seed packet said.  Early Scarlet Globe seeds were sown directly into the raised beds on April 3rd under a cold frame.  These did not have the heat of previous crops.   I don’t think I’ll use this kind again.

Radishes become spicy only through a chemical reaction when it’s bitten into or crushed. BAn enzyme released on crushing, breaks down the glucosinolates into allyl isothiocyanate which is the kick!

To see if these would spice up after cutting off the greens and root tail,   I left them in water for a few days.

No luck.  Well it was a pretty crop anyway!

Some Green Ice lettuce was harvested this morning and is in water awaiting lunch.   Hopefully these will be a better harvest!

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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