The garden is alive with natives

endemic (∃)

adj.  Prevalent in or peculiar to a particular locality

adj.  Ecology Native to or confined to a certain region.

n.  Ecology An endemic plant of animal.

Our little red headed bird with a pretty yellow chest was here a bit ago.

And the hummingbirds are back.

I hope the neighbor has really taken up feeding them.  Their territorial buzz conflicts with the community of birds that share the feeders.   I continue to focus on the birds and establishing natural plants in my garden.

I’m inspired. I just just watched an Amazon Prime show called Secret Gardens of England. Its an English public television presentation from 2007. It features many interesting places. I believe the English had it right when trying to blend Beauty and nature.

One garden created by John Ruskin in the late 1870s is a grand example of the restoration to Nature from plan. His Sixteen Acres state along the banks of the English Coniston Water, draw you in and up to what he needs his ultimate goal was. He wanted to see his sight play only in the hands of nature.

‘Wild nature tamed,’ he said, ‘not degraded under the hand of man..’

He believed that the house and garden should be a oneness. The house should come out of the garden and that the paths running through the garden should look as they’re coming out of the rock not placed.

The paths to glades cultivated by Ruskin with only native plants speak to care in keeping to his ideal.

Happiness is increased, not by the enlargement of possessions, but of the heart. I believe no manner of temperance in pleasure would be better rewarded then that of making our Gardens gay only with common flowers.


There should be nothing about what your garden does, that is not in tune with the natural landscape. With new homes being no more than a huge box on the tiniest of land, there is no room for anything but the human staking the claim. The loss of land to profit only development will put the nail it was once suburbs that could sustain pockets of wildlife.

There is no room in new communities for anything but house and pavement.

I feel real sorrow for those Highlanders who will never know the pure pleasure of hearing the birds with morning coffee. Or the lack of ability to create your daily view.

So how to introduce that wonder?

With so many new people and access to what once were somewhat private parks, we now have to make accommodation for those people without yards for their children to play. Now is a key time in our area’s future. Unless we protect it, ours may be a lost little treasure. But even worse is the opportunity to create the links open space fro Ken Caryl to the south Platte.

We can use stretches of area along 285 as reference.

If we were to look at the corridors between the hogback and the Platte … Those spaces could be our nature preserve. We could have a lovely place to walk our dogs along a regional Park where Wadsworth sits high over a pedestrian bridge below. Take as example the bridge under Sante Fe. People could use it for walking.

I picture the C&O canal outside DC through Georgetown. Mike and I did 160 miles along a route through Maryland and Virginia. So wonderful. That could be our space if Wadsworth could be raised.

Money could come from the parks and wildlife as well as transportation. Perhaps we could some of that awesome Lotto funds for parks?

How many have noticed the increase in traffic on the main roadways surrounding our community? The road noise is so much louder even on weekends. And this traffic will continue to grow as the population density increases. Our nature once removed (what was farmland, will soon be a mess of housing people and we need a plan before the traffic envelops us. Our vision must unite!

It’s time to look at the long-term. If Wadsworth continues to be a corridor for travel, how do we Bridge are open spaces between the West and all the way to the Nature Preserve at the South Platte?

I don’t believe they considered wildlife in any plans for the widening of C470. Don’t know that for a fact. So need to find out.

If not then another slower corridor to that preserve needs to be maintained or even created.


I’m going to request a traffic study along our area. We need to see how many people are traveling along this route. If the noise is too high perhaps we can have Jefferson County help pay for the bill. I’ll call on that on Monday until then, enjoy your Gardens.

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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