Jenny Burris

Gardening has been my passion for over 20 years. The journal started as a way to record what I planted and how it did, and often how quickly a plant died. Today its become an information source for native plants and how they grow and what they support. Since 2014 I have focused my attention on adding native plants to become a neighbor of habitat. Its is now my living lab for native seed propagation. In 2021 I’ve been blessed to dedicate my time to volunteer work. The Butterfly Pavilion hosts multiple citizen science and restoration projects. I will be learning to not only collect data on declining populations but hopefully bring life to open spaces with varied past purposes.

My hope is that I can inspire even a few to dedicate a small part their landscape to natives. If we Go Native we could restore diversity and hope for an uncertain future.

Being a tech geek I also plan to attend the Good Tech Fest to learn how I might combine my trade and my passions for a second career.

Happy reading!