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Objectives Solutions
~ Low Maintenance
~ Garden rooms
~ Mystery

~ Puppy proof vege garden
~ Decrease the amount of grass
~ Seating areas
~ Re-use onsite materials

~ Extended Flower bed that has height and winter interest

~ Re-using the round concrete pavers to create a seating area under the apple tree.

~ Hide the unsitely compost pile

~ Create some mystery by adding taller plantings / structures towards house to hide some of the garden.

Expanded Flower Bed Solution – COMPLETE
To view progress Expanding the Flower Garden Gallery

The current flower bed is a jumble of perennials that have been added without a plan. There is no winter interest, with most of the plants dying back to the ground around November. There is little variance in height either.

Expand the flower bed by half again to make room for foundation plants. Completed 2007

A flowering crabapple will give height. Another height feature will be a large Maiden grass.

Evergreens such as Dwarf Alberta spruce, yellow junipers, and dwarf blue spruce will give winter interest, as well as the grasses.
For fall interest a viburnum and possibly some mums.
Flowers currently in the bed will be moved around, such as the daylillies, salvia, catmint, dianthus, blue flax.

Puppy Proof Vege Garden Solution
Our old solution to keeping the Dukus from eating all our tomatos was a chicken wire fence surrounding the garden. Although it did its job, it was mighty ugly. New Fence A 4′ wood fence surrounding an expanded vegetable garden.

We added an additional 5′ onto the width of the garden, and began setting posts for the new fence.

Additional Seating Area Solution
I have counted 115 of the small round pavers that are strewn throughout the pea-gravel walkway. These pavers have some use but will be better used as the foundation for a patio under the apple and pine tree in the north section of the yard. 9’L x 9’W paver patio. Approx half the pavers will be stained a darker color to allow for the pattern seen in the pic. Will use the additional pea gravel pulled from in front of flower bed, as a base for the pavers. Then will use a concrete sand to fill in around the pavers. .
Pretty up the Compost

The size of the compost bin is much larger than it need be, and is situated in a very visable area.


Create a new bin using shorter, green chicken wire. The wire is only 2′ tall, so can be masked by plants planted in front. I will create two bins, one for the compost, and the other for dry fuel.

A path wide enough for a wheel barrow will lead to the bins.
In front of the bins will be a lavendar garden, with a formal feel.

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