Hydrangea Geoffrey Chadburn - 1 year
Hydrangea Geoffrey Chadburn - 1 year 
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The distinguished leader among lacecaps

Numerous large flat red to purple colored blooms open against the rich, dark foliage of this beautiful plant. Blooms are perfect for cutting and filling small vases to enjoy. Easy to care for and can be grown in full sun in most areas. Very little pruning is ever necessary which makes this plant a friend in the garden. Sometimes this plant blooms when still very young.

Weight3.50 lbs
USDA zones: 6 to 9
Mature height (feet): 4 to 6
Color in acidic soil: red
Color in neutral soil: red
Bloom type: lacecap
Bloom time: June through Fall
Bloom size (inches): 6 to 8
Sun tolerance: good