Blue Globe Spruce problem

Plant: Blue Globe Spruce

Symptoms: Needles losing color, die off in center of plant.

Suggested Problem(s):
a. spider mites.
b. chlorosis.
c. under-watering.

I called Arapahoe Acres today to ask if they had an insecticide for spider mites. The lady said they have miticide that doesn’t work very well and then asked if I know for sure if it is indeed mites.
I explained the arborist suggested it may be a problem and to do the paper test.
PAPER TEST: As mites can be too small to see with the naked eye, take a white piece of paper and shake a limb over the paper. If you see tiny specs they could be mites.

UPDATE 5/26/2010: I have added a tree spike for evergreens and have been watering more heavily. There is new growth now, but the color of the needles are the same.

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