Vege garden is planted

After a few days of windy weather I was wondering if my newly planted vege garden would survive. Well seems we are OK..

Below is the list of veges I have

La Roma Tomato – planted as plant
Early Girl Tomato – planted as plant
Red Cherry Tomato – planted as plant
Black Beauty Eggplant (2) – planted as seedling
Crooked-Neck Squash (2) – planted as seedling
Watermelon (1) – planted as seed.
Green beans (3) – planted as seed.
Sante Fe Grande Pepper (1) – planted as seedling
Jalapeno (2) – planted as seedling
Poblano (2) – planted as seedling
Radish (lots) -planted as seed
Butter crunch lettuce (lots) -planted as seed
Spinach -planted as seed
Asparagas (4) – planted as bare root

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