Miss Bateman Clematis

I very much like my Miss Bateman Clematis.  I planted two last year in my Colorado garden and both are faring well.  They have reached a height of about 3 feet and are growing vigorously.  They need a better attachment to the wrought iron trellis as there is not much there to cling to, and today’s wind is giving the tender stalks a beating.

The bright white flowers are a nice contrast to all the green going on in the garden.  The tag said that the vine should get only morning sun, but they have been happy so far with the 6+ hours they get each day.  Although we have not reached even near normal summer temperatures, so the heat will be a factor I will watch for this year.


Prune while dormant.

Pruning Groups: Group 2 – Repeat bloomers; prune immediately after flowering.  Both of these survived the first year, and what pretty flowers!

Update 2013: One of the Miss Bateman’s got a bad case of rust in the summer of 2012 and did not survive.

Miss Bateman

Miss Bateman in morning light.

Miss Bateman Clematis

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