Becoming a Master Gardener in Colorado

Ten years ago I had grand plans to boost my gardening knowledge.

So off the to the Denver Botanic gardens I went, signing up for a number of classes to become a MASTER!

But life got in the way and some classes went unused, and then the years rolled into another.

Today my wonderful husband said I should take that up again.  I should pursue learning as much as I can about the hobby I so love.  I thought yes why not?  I’ve got the time and ambition!

Enter 2012. Classes are mid-day in my county.  So must I be retired or unemployed to take advantage, I’m hoping not.  It used to be these classes were offered at night, but we will see what we can manage.

So tomorrow I will contact my Jeffco contact and see what I can do.

Classes have already started so I may be too late, but there is always next year, isn’t there?


Becoming a master gardener in Jeff Co Colorado.


JeffersonPatti O’Neal
Training for Broomfield, Denver, Gilpin, and Jefferson Counties held in Golden, Denver, and Broomfield.Thursdays,
starting Jan. 12

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