Seeds 2013

Seeds for 2013

VegetableStartedGerminateDays to HarvestHarvest Notes
Tomato – Black Krim18-Mar7 to 10 style=’mso-spacerun:yes’>70Few tomatoes but tasty!!
Tomato – Fresh Salsa18-Mar7 to 1065-75Literally hundreds of them!
Tomato – Mortgage Lifter18-Mar7 to 1083-90Took too long nothing harvested.
Brussel Sprouts –
18-Mar7 to 1480 -100 1st harvest – Nov 30.
Pepper – Poblano18-Mar10 to 2080A few good ones, needed more sun
Pepper – Jalapeno Mucho
18-Mar14 to 2168 – 70 Pretty good harvest
Bean – Pole Kentucky Blue7 to 1465Planted outside, died
Corn – Sweet On Deck
7 to 1461 – 63Did not plant
Lettuce – Healing Hands
7 to 10Planted too late, squirrels ate the tenders
Beet – Red Cloud14 to 2155No luck; squirrels at tenders
Radish – Cherry Belle6 to 1020 – 25got a few radishes, planted too late – bolted
Pansy – Antique shades
18-Margot a few pansies, need to get outside earlier.
18-Mar15 to 21No luck this time.
Columbine – Lime Sorbet22 to 30No luck this time.

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