2016 Bringing it all together

I want the whole circle of my backyard to have continuity from the new patio out to the back fence and to the south end.

To date I’ve always focused on the small beds without thought of the bigger picture.  But today I am changing my tactics so that as you look around you will find that all areas of the yard will have repeated elements of color and textures.

I will begin the unification with grasses and sedges.

Ornamental Grasses

  • Pink Maiden Hair
  • NEW –  Tufted Hairgrass (Deschampsia cespitosa) purchased 7.   – 4 along the fence, 3 in flower bed. Can tolerate shade,
  • Move Blue Fescue in flower garden to along the edge of apple tree.
  • Sedge

In far back I have a pink edge grass –


White Flowered

NEW 5x Goatsbeard for shady spots — 3 along north patio edge towards vege garden.  2 in back bed underneath the trellis of the honeysuckle.

5x Aster Lateriflorus Lady In Black Fall blooming white pink color.  3 along south side of house.  2 in garden bed. – did not order this

Solomons seal – small white flowers

1x clematis

Purple / Blue Flowered

Salvia –


Gentiana andrewsii – shade bottle gentian.

Pink flowered

echinacea – plant more in bed along back side of fence in the vege garden.

? honeysuckle is red or pink?  what vine I put along south wall will depend on that.

Red flowers

To get cardinal flowers

Leaf interest

oak fern – is a native to higher country colorado Gymnocarpium dryopteris


Actaea rubra

Spring interest

Need to get some bulbs that will get light when there is no leaves.

Should look now for where they could be placed.

Some inspiration


Idea for the silver trough.



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