Vege Garden Planning 2018

Like all things in the world the garden creeps towards entropy without diligent effort.

After many years of only needing a bit of cleanup, the raised vegetable beds need maintenance.

  • Replace soil in most beds to remove powdery mildew spores
  • Repair irrigation chewed by varmints
  • Paint fence
  • Replenish mulch

But this year I would also like to expand the garden to include the area behind the flower bed.  At one point I thought having only a large water trough would be enough.  But I’m thinking this would be better used to create some much needed privacy lost on the south side of the yard.

  • Remove peach tree
  • Move trough to south side
  • Layout new raised beds
  • New fence

This will take a few weekends and labor I will most likely need to hire out.  The time of post hole digging may be gone for this back.  Getting they layout first will ensure I the many trips for materials are lessened.

So time to get outside! But not this weekend, its cold out there baby!

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