Tulips in pink and purple

It’s no Keukenhof but cheery

So my grand plans of planting a Keukenhof Garden of bulbs didn’t quite make it. But the 200 or so bulbs definitely adds color that brightens everything.

It all began with cheery purple and yellow crocus. Followed quickly by daffodils.

Crocus in March

daffodils in March

As spring has progressed the bulbs I’ve planted look better and better. The Lively mix between daffodils who’s trumpets of yellow harken spring, and the pinks of the early tulips make a tiny Monet view. I brought Hyacinth inside and man what a lovely smell. In different parts of the yard bloom times vary. Underneath my newly planted Crab apple the daffodils are just blooming. The Hyacinth still have some time before they will actually bloom there. In the shade bed I have tulips who, as of yet, have no bloom stalks, so their colors are completely unknown. It will be interesting to see if they get them at all. Maybe not enough Sun? They get about a couple hours of eastern morning sun, and western evening sun.

Hyacinth a nose away

A new edition is narcissus that smell wonderful definitely need more of those! They are not planted for best access to smelling though. You got to get your nose right down in there! HA.

Out front, most of the daffodils are now faded. They began blooming in early March and had quite a long run. The pink and yellow tulips are beginning to fade, though still pretty. Now I can’t wait to get more out there so they can continue to a gorgeous, gorgeous springtime view.


lovely narcissus

K Van Bourgondien & Sons Purchases



A little everything along the back fence

Blue Trophy Hyacinth

In the shade garden


Maybe next year I will have even more — perhaps a real architected garden, like the Keukenhof.

Inspiring Garden – The Keukenhof



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