Potatoes in a sack. Adding soil after two weeks.

I will start okay. The potatoes are growing like little weeds in their sacks. The one on the right has composted soil and on the left Miracle-Gro.

The instructions say to fill the sack as the stems start to grow. I wasn’t sure if you should remove the leaves before adding soil. So I just filled them up. We’ll see how they do.

These Peter Wilcox variety will have purple skins and yellow flesh. I think I might have planted these too close. As it says each I should be planted 12in apart. Mine are only two?

They are set in an area that gets only a few hours Sun per day. It’s been so terribly hot already. We are going into our second week of 90 degree weather. And it’s only June 12th no 13th. I had worried the sacks would dry out too quickly in full sun.

Potatoes out of a sack left long in the garage. They needed water!


Below are the potato sacks.

Empty potato sack is about 24 inches wide and 18 inches deep

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