The garden walk about


Out the patio door. Below the spirea a cosmos Prairie flanked be the two spirea.. the second sitting between gravel and the cosmos. To their left, a stand of pearly whites low growing.

  • Dig up grass between wall and path
  • Prep spirea for transplant. 1 week
  • Seed spirea bed.
  • Pearly white bed portion remain grass

The three peonies will be moved to along the back fence to create a continuous g teen field the same height.

  • Bed needs water retention.. move grass or clay, mulch
  • Move grass to center hill
  • Weed

Daisy’s grass will move to the island along with the blue fescue.

  • Cover mind with plastic then grass

Little bluestem will align the left most forefront corner of the prairie, creating a line of be from the space to the hammock.


The Asiatic Lillies are not getting enough light. Small mirrors to shine light back towards the patio. Mirrors at the base of the honey locust. Or do I just move those to the base of the honey locust?

By 10:00 am the prairie is in full sun.

I will keep the dill and such next to the last row of big bluestem. Find out how wide these grow.

The Mexican hair grass is absolutely gorgeous right now.

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