Anaphalis margaritacea

Anaphalis margaritacea (Su,D,S,N)

12 – 36″ white summer blooms

Leaf structure is fine, with a greenish-gray hue.

Native to Colorado and much of the US – this is a good host plant and white blooming.

Pearly Everlasting is drought tolerant as it prefers full sun and dry, even rocky or poor soil conditions.  Moderate shade and medium soils are also tolerated.

Its a good contrast plant when put in front of taller grasses.  For higher contrast look at the edge of the prairie like, in front of a little Bluestem, and behind it showy goldenrod. A couple places this will play is at the boundry between the bluegrass lawn, and the prairie since it can managed moderate shade and medium soils.  Is Dry conditions a requirement?  If so then between the grass and it – a line of blue fescue, then pearly, then little blue. That line then oves towards the center of the prairie edge next to the lawn that will be replaced with buffalo grass.   I need a containing factor to the prairie edge, and the everlasting with geum in spring will be a wowser.

A good Example of design from Prairie Moon

Host Plant to :  Skippers, American Painted Lady

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