Seed germination for native prairie 2020

Using both indoor an outdoor sowing methods a new prairie of warm season bunch grasses, and forbs.

Indoor Methods

Indoor Medium: Peat pots

Indoor growing environment: Heat mat, 2 florescent lights on 12 hours.  1 plant light, 1 plain.

Side oats grama propagation

Indoor sowing results produced leaves within seven days when laid on top of the soil kept very moist. To increase chances of further propagation I have moved some seeds upward within the peat pot so they are on top of the soil. Doing so, I found two seeds with either roots or the very beginnings of leaves.

Koeleria propagation notes

Like side oats grama,  the koeleria produces leaves in about 7 days when the seeds are wet and on the surface. Four out of 10 propagated. The others have been re-seeded or watered to further propagation. The light blue grass seed I collected from Wayside show the same results.

3/26 Many more seeds have germinated with the change in approach to ensure the seeds are at the surface. So many so that each peat pot has 4-6 sprouts per pot.

Forbs – No notes of yet as none have germinated as of 3/29.

Dates of preparation and planting


  • 3/7 Outdoor sowing
  • 3/7 Moved to Window
    • Light blue grass x3
    • Penstemon x1
  • 2/28 Indoor sowing
    • Light blue grass x6  3/7 3 0f 6.  More added 3/22.
    • Penstemon x6 3/7 1 of 6
    • Liatris punctata collected native. 0/12


Of all that

Outdoor only sowing:

Dalea purpea will go both outside and inside.



For Tips on other seeds like vegetables see

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