Another powdery mildew victim

Powdery mildew — an ever present danger in Colorado gardens. To battle it on a peony I am trying a top coat of a mouthwash solution. Paeonia ‘Dr Alexander Fleming’ 9/4/2016 powdery mildew. 30% solution mouthwash applied to leaves.  Trimmed lower leaves. 11/1/2016  Update The mouthwash treatment kept mildew at bay for a couple weeks, […]

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Bee Killing Pesticides at Lowes and Home Depot


  So disappointing that the gardening industry would put all natural bee populations at risk by selling pesticide laden plants to unsuspecting customers. An independent study found plants sold at Lowe’s and Home Depot tested positive for Neonicotinoid pesticides.  This is the same pesticide that many nations are reviewing as a contributor to bee colony […]

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