Seed Starting 2009

Today I started the following seeds in peat pellets. Columbine germinated 3/1  —  4/15 – still have a few plants Dainthus “Maiden Pink” germinated 2/22 —  4/15 all died English Daisy – variety   germinated 2/22 – 4/15 a few alive Shasta Daisy – germinated 2/25 – 4/15 a few alive Four O’clocks – germinated 2/25… Continue reading Seed Starting 2009

Backyard To-Do List 2009

The backyard only needs smaller – but as always, labor intensive work to get the yard ready for another year. 32 hours   Brick pathway outline – COMPLETE 04 hours   Patio raised beds — COMPLETE 01 hours   Filling low spots in grass 03 hours   Trim Apple Tree 2010 03 hours   Weed patrol — COMPLETE 20 hours  … Continue reading Backyard To-Do List 2009

Re-using Brick

What to do with enough brick to fill a couple pallets?  How about a border? A couple times each year I have to go edge around my lawn and take out grass that has started to grow into the pebbled path surrounding the yard. After the removal of my hazardous deck whose stairs were brick,… Continue reading Re-using Brick