Front Yard Plans 2009

A visual of the new front yard
New Front Yard visual

So here is a view of how the front yard will look when I fill in the beds with plants, and get my crumbling rr ties replaced with a nice stacked stone wall.  I need more over time $$ thats for sure.

A visual of the new front yard
New Front Yard visual

This view was created with Sierra Photo Garden Designer, so does not have the exact plants I would choose for this mostly south-eastern facing yard.

I have also created a second plant palette using flowers with more orange in them.  I can’t quite decide which I like better.

I still have to find a sunlight meter to see what parts of the yard are partial to full shade.  I am thinking of using an Easy Bloom Plant Sensor as the SunCalc sunlight meter is now $30,  so why not spend some more and find out if I’m over watering or under watering my other plants!

Many of the plants I am looking at can be found in the post about front yard plants.

The one thing my sister noted was that the hot pink ice plants may clash with the walkway below.  I may be able to get the ice plants in a shade of yellow.. but I really still like the pink.  I need to update this photo with my walkway -so that I can see just how the plants will look.

The total number of plants counted in this view is well over a hundred.  Many of the shrubs are not cheap, probably in the $15 – $35 dollar range, and the tree are even more.  I am thinking I will need to have for the plants alone, about $1500.

The wall was quoted around $3,000, but that landscape company kept adding in other costs here and there -so can’t quite determine what the full total will be.

So we shall see.  I am still paying for the walkway!

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