Re-using Brick

What to do with enough brick to fill a couple pallets?  How about a border?

A couple times each year I have to go edge around my lawn and take out grass that has started to grow into the pebbled path surrounding the yard.

After the removal of my hazardous deck whose stairs were brick, I have a ton of it piled up.  When I first moved into the house we had to remove a good portion of the steel edging that demarcated the walkways and various rock mulches.  Over time the rocks have migrated so now my paths are strewn with river rock, and my grass is filled with pea gravel.

Aview of the bricks to line the gravel path
A view of the bricks to line the gravel path

Hopefully the solution will be a brick-lined pathway.  It was 70 degrees here not long ago, so I took advantage and laid out the basic edges.  Here is a view of some of it completed.  I think it will add some nice formality to an otherwise informal garden.

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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