Seed Starting 2009

Today I started the following seeds in peat pellets.

  1. Columbine germinated 3/1  —  4/15 – still have a few plants
  2. Dainthus “Maiden Pink” germinated 2/22 —  4/15 all died
  3. English Daisy – variety   germinated 2/22 – 4/15 a few alive
  4. Shasta Daisy – germinated 2/25 – 4/15 a few alive
  5. Four O’clocks – germinated 2/25 – all died
  6. Echinacea – some germinitated 2/27 – 4/15 a few alive
  7. Rudbeckia Hirta  germinated 2/22 -4/15 more than 5 alive.

2/28 – Thinned out seedlings and moved some of the seedlings to their own pellets.

  1. Bee Balm

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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  1. Summer results:
    English Daisy: Planted in front bed next to driveway. daisies were small, < 4" tall, did produce pink flowers, and had some evergreen properties finally dieing off around January 2010. Columbine: Planted 6 plants in raised bed next to back patio. None got larger than 5" tall, and did not produce flowers. Will be looking to see if they return this year. Rudbeckia Hirta: Planted 3 plants in front bed next to driveway. All got about 2.5' tall and produced a number of flowers. The plants were leggy, and should have been pruned before flowering, but will see how they go this year. Shasta Daisy: Planted 2 or 3? in front yard, produced no flowers, but expect I will get flowers this year.

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