Sprinkler System

e are going to either resurrect our old sprinkler which has not been used in at least 6 years, or put a new one in.  I am tired of wasting money on plants I kill because they do not get consistent proper watering.

Lawn Irrigation Design Center – 303-979-3400

Martha mentioned the Denver Water rebate program for using specific types of heads, rain guages or weather based smart controllers.

I need to verify what each installer uses for equipment – I’m thinking the Hunter ET (evapotranspiration) system looks pretty cool.

Page that contains many smart controller fact sheets

The company we went with was
Dean’s Sprinkler Service 303-781-8676
They were not only affordable, they unlike many actually gave us a bid. Some companies just were not equipped to deal with our large trees/root systems.
I highly recommend Dean’s Sprinkler Service to anyone looking for sprinkler work. They were fast, and willing to work in extras I wanted.

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.