Help around the yard

With my knee looking like a grapefruit, I’m on the bench.

So I will be calling around to get some yard work done, including spring clean up and moving / hauling the pea gravel out of the front yard.

I have fliers for 4 services


  1. Green Lawn Landscape (Hiep) – 303-969-8027
  2. Chien Lawn, Landscaping – 303-987-3629 (10% off w/flyer)
  3. Landscape and Lawn Service ( Quy) – 720-962-6168
  4. Thuy & Le Lawn & Garden – 303-985-6970


Martha comes through again!  The people she normally hires to help with her landscape business is going to not only do cleanup but move my pea gravel and finish the brick edging of the walkways in the back.  I am SO excited!

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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