Sod, what a difference

They always say that sod is the icing on a cake.  I didn’t think it would make that big a difference for our front yard.  But Wow… what a difference.  Mike and  I are so excited! Once we get the mulch in we can relax for awhile, and let the bank account recover!

When soil is delivered, dump it in the drive.

So here is why you don’t dump soil in the street during a rainy month. BYE BYE DIRT! To add insult to injury – we had to go shovel up the sand and gravel that was left in the gutters after the rains slowed.  Now what to do with the sand….

Computerized Sprinkler System Controller

Being geeks we couldn’t pass up a sprinkler controller that you can manage from your PC.  Its the Irritrol PC Control. It took almost no time to setup and now we are just waiting for the rain gauge to dry up so we can see if our schedules work. I think even better than the… Continue reading Computerized Sprinkler System Controller

Lots of Rain

  I’d like to thank Martha for giving me a rain guage.  We’ve had almost 2″ since yesterday and its still raining.