Computerized Sprinkler System Controller

Irritrol PC view

Being geeks we couldn’t pass up a sprinkler controller that you can manage from your PC.  Its the Irritrol PC Control.

It took almost no time to setup and now we are just waiting for the rain gauge to dry up so we can see if our schedules work.

I think even better than the PC software is the hand held unit you can carry around.  From the hand held unit you can test your sprinkler, manually water the lawn, and troubleshoot issues.

We have found the software is a little buggy – we had issues trying to re-establish connection with the hand unit after closing and re-opening the software.  The newer versions are much more stable and I can run it on Windows 7.  To use, you connect the handheld controller via USB cable to your computer.  From the Irritrol dashboard you can set watering schedules.  It also has an advisor feature that can download weather statistics to help determine when watering should occur.  I haven’t used that feature yet.

But overall I give it a big thumbs up.


An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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