Spring plans – backyard

This year I want to keep spending down, yet be able to continue to add to the gardens.

I don’t know if the roses planted in the planters will survive this very cold, dry winter.  My boxwoods are showing the affects freeze with yellowing leaves.  They also need more water than I’ve given them, so I have a feeling we will be replacing those this year.

Summer 2010 Backyard goals

  • Flower Bed
  • Path
  • Great vegetable garden
  • Herb planters


1.  Add some red / purple leaved plants with a bigger leaf in the back flower bed.

  1. I’m thinking Diablo ninebark but 8-10ft HxW.  A little large for the garden or would require constant pruning to keep in check, but has the right leaf size I’m looking for.
  2. Palace Purple Huechera will be a nice small addition of purple. Purchased as seed.
  3. Wine and Roses Weigela.  This has smaller leaves and the potential to lose its purple color, but is 4-5ft H x W
  4. Helmond Pillar Barberry. This is a columnar form of barberry and could satisfy the need for winter and summer interest. Leaves / form is not gaurenteed.

2.  More winter interest in the flowerbed.  If I could find a good deal on some Red Twigged Dogwood, as well as a couple of evergreens.  Haven’t decided on this yet.


1.  Add more flagstone, especially to the vege garden.  My goal is to have a backyard I can walk barefoot through.  So far the pea gravel really limits my fancy free wandering.

2.  Start working on propogation of Turkish Speedwell (Veronica Liwanenis) to use between the flagstones on the path.  I have a small patch of it that has survived a number of years in the front yard, and I hear you can propagate by taking cuttings. I also purchased 7 plants from High Country Gardens.


Each year Mike gets a wild hair and decides he will have a vegetable garden.  The excitement only lasts through planting and his presence thereafter is non-existant.  So this year I will be setting up the vege garden to ensure that the need for weeding is kept to a minimum.


Imagine a nice waist high planter with your choice of herbs to cut and use in the kitchen. Below is what I purchased, instead of buying a planter on a stand, this will be more versatile I believe.

Nested Plant Stands
Nested Plant Stands
Self watering planter
Self watering planter

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