In my backyard lies ground hallowed by years of pouring love into plant after plant with never a survivor, I’m thinking of designating it a cemetery. The sign will read “Here good plants come to die“ Although I did find a like minded soul while thinking on this.  She calls her blog, The Gulag Garden

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Spring is here

The daffodils appeared in the southern exposed areas of the front yard around March 6. The daffodils in the back may be having problems because something is chewing on the tender new growth. I have to keep my eye out to see whats going on there.

Tree Service

Preservation Tree Care 303-797-6143 We had them trim our silver maple and ash tree in the front yard this past fall, and they did an excellent job. They are a little expensive if you want a tree removed, but their expertise in trimming and caring for un-loved trees cannot be surpassed. I will be calling… Continue reading Tree Service

Seed Starting 2010

Colorado has a fairly short growing season, so many of the plants that would normally be started outdoors after danger of last spring frost I chose to start indoors. Getting the timing right is always a challenge. If you start too soon, plants will tend to be leggy and will have a hard time adjusting… Continue reading Seed Starting 2010

Plants on order

This year I wanted plant at least one hummingbird attracting perennial.  Thanks to a generous gift from my mother in law, Karen, I had money to spend at High Country Gardens.  Here is what I bought. Veronica liwanensis – turkish speedwell (Standard Pot) Quantity: 7 Price Each: $4.99 Beautiful blue flowering, semi-evergreen groundcover, to be… Continue reading Plants on order