Spring clean-up

After a winter wondering if the pain in my hip I endured for months after a long day of bulb planting was worth it, I have to say yes! The daffodils add such a happy vibe to an otherwise drab spring background.

I will definitely be adding more color for spring come this fall.

So should there be purple, pink, white? So much would look good.

Although the hubby suggested I find someone to help with spring clean up. I wanted to do my beds myself, as some of what I have planted could be mistaken for weeds, and I’ve had to be very careful to avoid that myself!

But I will definitely be enlisting help on the following spring projects.

2010 Spring chores


  • Buy mulch (Mini-Bark pebbles) = 1 Yard
  • Rose Trellis, Trellis for flower bed √
  • Concrete Sealer
  • Measure for flagstone (sq ft to be covered) √
  • Buy flagstone √
  • Get quote for finishing rock wall in front by mailbox
  • Fence post solar light caps
  • DryDeck Under decking
  • If theres anytime left, look at landscaping lights


  • 2″ of mulch throughout beds – got only about 1″ covered
  • Fix/Replace Rose trellis – Rose trellis fixed for now √
  • Seal Concrete
  • Lay down flagstone (hire out)
  • Replace wood under shed door with flagstone
  • Flagstone Patio (hire out)
  • Add rock border to rose bed (hire out?)
  • Add rock border to iris bed (hire out?)
  • Paint mailbox
  • Paint Deck posts √
  • Replace wood trim on shed
  • Paint shed
  • Install DryDeck Under Deck

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.