Expecting snow May 12

Its been a number of years since we’ve seen a snow storm in May. The last was 2003.
It makes me all the more happy that I got the silver maple in the front yard trimmed last year, and the apple trimmed a month ago.

I’m glad I’ve been slow to plant the majority of my new plants. I did plant 3 hostas that I’m sure won’t be happy… if they make it at all. And there are the dahlias as well. But if they don’t survive then they weren’t meant to be right?

I caught a posting on the Gardenweb Forum about Japanese Maples in Colorado. Me thinks I am going to try one where the weeping cherry stands now. Maybe now I will finally have motivation to move the cherry tree!

So while the days are gray I am going to look for a new composter, my cold composting never worked out too hot, and my hot composting left me cold… oh thats bad.

I love having a husband that can help me make up my mind when I start spinning with so many possibilities.

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.