Pretty Peonies

I can’t believe I never thought of cutting my gorgeous peonies and making a bouquet.  In the garden they are often flopped over and go unseen.  I have yet to come up with large enough stakes to hold them all.

Peonies are fast becoming my favorite cut flower! These beauties are just a few of the many I have blooming on a very happy plant.

Although I don’t know the variety for sure – I’m beginning to lean towards either ‘Nick Shaylor’ or ‘La Perle’ or  ‘Mary Eddy Jones’. Of note these are not only beautiful but very fragrant, which leads me to think Nick Shaylor may not be the one.  La Perle is fragrant, but blooms mid-season.

The plant itself stands 30″ tall, and the leaves are large and glossy green. The blooms are 5-6″ wide.  I can tell they are a double, with a rose form as their petals get smaller towards the center and have a somewhat flat cross section.

They bloom right around June 15th, which could be considered late season.  But I have also noticed that in the bed they live in everything in it blooms later than normal including the day lilies and daisies.

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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