Caring for the Silver Maple

The silver maple in the backyard has been ailing for a number of years due to iron deficiency.

In previous years we’d noticed the leaves in the upper branches never greened up completely, remaining often a lighter green or yellow, but this year the problems were showing by the upper limbs dying and even splitting and falling from the tree.  I finally addressed the problem, and I’m hoping that I haven’t waited too long for this guy to fully recover.  He is an important part of the landscape, shading my grass from the blazing afternoon heat.

Iron treatments are most often done in early to mid fall.  We had ours done this November, due to an usually warm fall.  The treatment consists of a number of injections around the mid-section of the trunk.  The equipment looks like a mini air compressor that pumps fluid into multiple needles at the same time.  It takes a number of hours to complete.

COST: $320

Contractor:   Preservation Tree Care

Treatment should last between 3 and 5 years.  We should notice the tree greening up better this spring.

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.