Klingstone Paths a pea gravel remedy?

I have been looking for a solution to the pea gravel pathways in the backyard.  Although I love the look of the pea gravel, as its adds a simply elegant formal element around the grass, the looseness of the material is maddening.   You cannot walk on it, never in bare feet,  and the dogs have kicked it into the grass and everywhere else.

To remedy the situation I bought a pallet of flagstone, so at least I could walk on the paths barefooted.  Yeah right that worked out well.  Now I just get pebbles strewn all over the flagstone from our dogs’ exuberance.

Worse yet I really don’t like the look of it.  Instead of having a nice simple path there are assorted geometric shapes that break up the lines of the pathway and leave it, well, jumbled, for lack of a better term.

I found this via a post I had on GardenWeb.

Welcome to Klingstone Paths.  Klingstone is on the east coast, so shipping charges would apply.

The pea gravel walk that needs a binding agent.

Klingstone Paths is a liquid that is poured over loose stone (pea gravel, river rock, etc…) pathways binding the stones together making a solid, ADA compliant and maintenance free path while keeping the natural look of the stones.

Below was Klingstone’s reply to my request for coverage and use in Colorado in low humidity.

” Very low humidity will slow the cure of Klingstone but will have no effect on its longevity.  We have another version of Klingstone that is used on golf course bunkers from Arizona to Maine.  It was used on the Red Sky courses in Colorado in 2001.
Pea gravel works well with Klingstone Paths and is probably the most frequently used aggregate.  It should be clean, dry and relatively free of fines (small powdery particles).
Calculate coverage at 10 – 12 square feet per gallon for a thickness of two inches.

With having over 3,000 sq ft of this stone to cover, I would need 300 gallons, unfortunately at this point shipping six 50 gallon containers across the country is cost prohibitive for me, so I am looking for other alternatives to this product.  Wish they sold it in Colorado!

So I will continue my search as the pea gravel for better or worse is probably here to stay.

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.


  1. Have you heard back from Klingstone? I am looking to stabilize an area around my shed, and if it works I will use it for paths. Thanks for any information you can give me. I am in Littleton CO so I will be interested in their response regarding feasibility in semi-arid areas.

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