Spring 2011 To Do List

Bouquet Tulip 'Toronto'
Bouquet Tulip 'Toronto'

Do you ever marvel at the gardeners who can makeover a section of their garden in a weeks time?

I am truly inspired by my neighbor across the street.  Even with MS and age hampering her efforts she has managed to take an ordinary suburban yard with drab shrubs and overgrown ground covers and created a gorgeous, well tended, and fruitful garden.  In a single summer she tore out / re-purposed every single planting bed in the front AND backyard.  I just wish I had taken a before and after shot.  In comparision I feel like quite the slacker and so do even our most ardent gardeners on the block.

So with spring comes the hope that maybe this year I will cross off the everything on the list. With a spring that is coming in mild there will be little excuse for putting off those chores.


  1. Backyard pea gravel path
  2. Flagstone patio
  3. Rose garden
  4. Clean up – Almost there!
  5. Treat vegetable patch for powdery mildew.
  6. Lighting
  7. Replace dead clematis in flower bed – on ORDER
  8. Replace rotten wood on shed – GOT WOOD
  9. Trim up the Green Monster
  10. Seal concrete patio
  11. Dry-Deck System


  1. Ground cover under Silver maple
    Plant Name Height (in) Flower Color Bloom time Remarks
    Euonymus fortunei
    ‘Coloratus’ Wintercreeper
    12-18 Not important Not important Glossy dark green leaves turn purple in winter
  2. Ground cover in front of wall.
    Plant Name Height (in) Flower Color Bloom time Remarks
    Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
    4-6 Pink Spring Evergreen, red berries, native
  3. Remove flowering bush to prep for weeping cherry  –DONE
  4. Move weeping cherry  –DONE
  5. Coat concrete
  6. Complete stone wall next to driveway
  7. Lighting

Here is the list from last year that went incomplete

  • 2″ of mulch throughout beds – got only about 1″ covered
  • Seal Concrete
  • Replace wood under shed door with flagstone
  • Flagstone Patio (hire out)
  • Add rock border to rose bed (hire out?)
  • Add rock border to iris bed (hire out?)
  • Paint mailbox — DONE !
  • Replace wood trim on shed
  • Paint shed

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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