Meet my Dragon

Paws is precious

This is Paws. Isn’t he the most special sweetest garden ornament you’ve seen? My friend Brenda agrees.  So I will be heading out to a new nursery, Creek Side Gardens, to buy Brenda her very own. He will look especially at home once I get the annuals planted.  What a treasure.

Soil Testing

CSU Soil Kit

For the longest time, I was convinced that not having an automatic sprinkler was the main reason I killed plants.  After many years of watching plants shrivel and die I got a new system and ‘oila’ I had plants that thrived like my neighbors. Well no that’s not true.  Many of the plants that needed… Continue reading Soil Testing

Lilies for fragrance or Not!

I was hoping to purchase some lovely scented oriental or asiatic lilies to flank the back yard patio. Go figure, I found a most lovely white lily only to find that this lily will not produce any scent.  The Lily Asiatic ‘Navona’ is not fragrant, and requires 12 – 18″ between bulbs.  My planting of… Continue reading Lilies for fragrance or Not!