McKana’s Giant Columbine

The gorgeous purple and white McKana

An impressive columbine mix from seed. Who says growing plants from seed can only be veges? Today I’m reaping the reward of growing 6 or 7 columbines from seed last year.  The mix, called McKana’s Giant Columbine (Aquilegia caerulea) , are quite gorgeous. I’ve seen three different kinds of varieties so far. As a native… Continue reading McKana’s Giant Columbine

Fertilizers to purchase for soil test recommendations

Schultz Super 21-0-0 Ammonium Sulfate with Coated Urea

The results of my soil test show that I need nitrogen in both the vegetable and shade garden. I would also like to reduce the pH in the shade garden to see if this may help perk up some of my plants that may want a more acidic soil. To purchase: For Nitrogen and pH… Continue reading Fertilizers to purchase for soil test recommendations

Drying fall planted bulbs

Maybe I wasn’t clear on my order sheet or maybe Gurneys was testing me.  Either way I received 30 dwarf iris,  Iris reticulata, as part of my spring order. I thought I was supposed to plant right away thinking I was getting Iris but Dwarf Iris is actually a spring blooming plant to be planted… Continue reading Drying fall planted bulbs

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Soil Test Results

CSU Soil Kit

I recieved the results back from the Colorado State University Soil Labs site Shade Area Results Lab Number: H1648a Sample ID Number: shade Date Received 4/20/2011 Date Reported: 5/4/2011 County Jefferson Irrigation yes, sprinkler Plants brunnera, hydrangea to be grown previous amendments added: bonemeal at planting (tbsp), top dress compost yrly 1″ (5-6yrs), soil… Continue reading Soil Test Results

New Plants for 2011

Helleborus 'White Lady' and Clematis 'Jackmanii'

I just received my Gurney’s order and I now need to plant the following plants. 3 Helleborus Orientalis ‘White Lady’ After reading additional information about these guys they need constantly moist, highly organic soil.  That does not equate to the bed where I was thinking of placing it.  Oh the bane of dry shade and… Continue reading New Plants for 2011