New Plants for 2011

Helleborus 'White Lady' and Clematis 'Jackmanii'

I just received my Gurney’s order and I now need to plant the following plants.

3 Helleborus Orientalis ‘White Lady’

After reading additional information about these guys they need constantly moist, highly organic soil.  That does not equate to the bed where I was thinking of placing it.  Oh the bane of dry shade and poorly draining clay soils.  Well we shall pot these guys up and maybe I can find a nice place for them in the new rose bed that still is yet to be sketched out.

Gurney’s Description:  Snowy-white, 2- to 3-in. blooms emerge in late winter to early spring to announce the end of the cold weather. Long lasting and hardy, these evergreen plants add interest year-round. Does best in full to part shade. Grows 14-18 in. tall with a similar spread. Zones 4-9. Potted.

Helleborus 'White Lady' and Clematis 'Jackmanii'

1 Clematis Jackmanii

Although small it looks pretty healthy and I will take out the dead jackmanii for return to the Depot and slip this guy in.  I need to make sure the ground stays nice and shady for it so I need to get my load of mulch!

Gurney’s Description –  Enormous flowers—8-9 in. across—cover the vines early summer through frost. Vivid colors make the blossoms look tropical, but clematis is tough and hardy—nearly carefree once established. Requires a support (something thin, like wire or chain link, will work best) and climbs 8-12 ft. Does best when planted in sun with some afternoon shade. Potted plants. Zones 3-9.
This plant attracts butterflies.

‘Some horticulturists suggest that during the first year after planting, you should not
allow the clematis vine to grow more than 18 inches. You won’t get any blooms, but this
practice will help to develop a stronger root system. Then during the second year, allow
them to grow.’   (1)
(1) Published 2004 by the Johnson County Extension
Master Gardeners, a volunteer program of
K-State Research and Extension, Johnson County
1 Delosperma Congestum ‘Gold Nugget’  (Iceplant)
H: 1/2″  W: 6″
Zone 4-6
Flowers: Yellow
Blooms: Early Spring
Originated: South Africa
Full Sun
5 Ceratostigma plumbaginoides (Hardy Plumbago)
H: 6-8″  W: 18″
Zone 5 -9
Flowers: Deep blue
Blooms: Late Summer / Early Fall
Fall color:  Red Leaves
Part Sun – Full Sun
Lillum pumilum (Turks Cap Siberian Lily )
H: 8 – 24″  W: 12″
Zone 4 – 8
Flower: Scarlet Red
Bloom:  Early Summer
Full Shade – Part Shade
It may be short lived in cultivation, but tends to last longest in well-drained soils
Needs regular water (may not do well in area I planted it under the maple.

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