Tomato in a pot


Each year I want at least one tomato and some Jalapeños and most often without the hassle of a full on garden.  Even with a soil test completed for my vegetable garden, I don’t think I will be planting in that area again until I can put in some raised beds.   Last year I spent a lot of time planting and a lot of time watching my labors be eaten by mildew.

This lovely heirloom tomato ‘Brandywine’ has been planted in a planter for the front yard.  Brandywine tomatoes are supposed to be especially delicious with big fruits.  I have yet to try this kind of tomato, and am hoping a nice easy harvest!

I have read that heat loving tomatoes may not thrive if planted before low temperatures stay reliably above 50 degrees.  I planted this last weekend (May 21) and there were a number of nights in the 40’s.  I tried to help the little guy by creating a makeshift cloche with a 2 liter plastic bottle with the bottom cut off.  I put this over the tomato, then wrapped rolled up newspaper around the base of the “cloche” to help insulate the tender plant.  I only kept the bottle over the tomato for a few days.  Hopefully the heat wave we are expecting to show up as early as this week will perk up my little tomato.

The marigolds (my mom’s favorite) came from our favorite local nusery, the seasonal  Gabbiano and Sons.

Brandywine tomato in center with paper insulation and marigolds

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.