Beautiful Blue Pots



Lobelia and petunias

In an effort to reduce the amount of yard work to be done each summer, my friend Brenda has found a great way to add wonderful color to her garden.  She’s taken out all the ground cover her small dogs eat and has added structure with upright evergreens and vines.  Then for the main attraction she has a number of large ceramic pots.  Some pots were purchased at O’Tooles Garden Center in Denver who has a large selection of ceramic.

In shades of blue and green, the pots could be a show piece in themselves.  But with Brenda’s creative eye her pots are now filled wit shades of purple, white and blue annuals and perennials.  Petunias, lobelia, and agapanthas adorn some of the prettiest combinations.

Pretty Petunias
A heavenly pot

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.