Lovely Peonies

Peony 2011

Colorado is a great place to grow peonies.  They are hardy as long as you give them some winter watering.  This double pink ‘Nick Shaylor’ (as I have decided it is).

I know summer is about to arrive when my peonies make their yearly appearance.  In my yard most blooms run about a week to two weeks behind due to the amount of shade my seven trees cast.  Its always a pleasure to see other’s flowers and know mine will be appearing soon.

Peony 2011

This year the pink peonies in the vege garden didn’t bloom.  I’ve been meaning to move these for years and I guess its finally time.  Since I do not have a garden this year, no regular irrigation will be keeping the plants in the vege garden going.  Although I have to remember the rhubarb is trying to survive behind the fence.

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.