Gathering seeds for a more formal cottage look.

Cosmos in October

Cosmos bipinnatus loves a Colorado summer. This summer my front yard’s main flower bed took on the appearance of an untended cottage garden, mainly due to the cosmos I let take over all along the driveway. Cosmos (cosmos bipinnatus), a native to Mexico and the southern states, are a happy annual that readily reseed here in… Continue reading Gathering seeds for a more formal cottage look.

A birthday wish for my mom

rose below the graft

May the chill of winter be nowhere you are found and the bright spring days be cheering you always and the warm summer rays be holding your heart and flowers be everywhere you are found … and now you know why I was never a poet! Miss you mom!

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Finally planted!

Fall planting in Colorado, a weigela’s story. Okay so I’m a lazy gardener come August. My beds look like a frat house after homecoming, and the last of my summer grand plans sit in pots waiting their permanent homes.  Though the yard needs tending, I daydream that its really not my lack of care come… Continue reading Finally planted!

Indian Summer in Colorado brings flowers

The garden is still bloom come October in Colorado. As I’ve said in another post we’ve had quite a run with a long warm fall.  So warm in fact, flowers are blooming and buds are forming on plants I didn’t imagine would have anything to do with fall.  Today temperatures were in the 70’s, a… Continue reading Indian Summer in Colorado brings flowers

Unexpected fall color

Spirea 'Gold Flame'

This fall in Colorado has been as long an Indian summer as I can remember.   It is just now that some of my plants are showing their fall foliage.  With the amount of shade I receive in even the sunniest spots of my garden, the plants tend to lag a week or two behind… Continue reading Unexpected fall color