Finally planted!

Fall planting in Colorado, a weigela’s story.

Okay so I’m a lazy gardener come August. My beds look like a frat house after homecoming, and the last of my summer grand plans sit in pots waiting their permanent homes.  Though the yard needs tending, I daydream that its really not my lack of care come August that makes my beds straggly and overgrown, its that I have not found that great new plant that will round out my haphazard planting scheme!

Take this poor fellow below.  He was an August purchase who has sat on my patio in its pot until today, OCT 22.  Why?  Because I really have no place for him even though he has dark glossy leaves, with hints of purple and the most precious pink flowers.  This Weigela florida ‘Minor Black’ could not be passed up at $5.98.  They say he’s deer resistant and ATTRACTS HUMMINGBIRDS!  Who doesn’t LOVE hummingbirds!  He is exactly what I needed to replace the uhhh, (insert misplaced plant here)!

Alas he is one of the few lucky ones I managed to place in a home, and his companion has been sent off to live with an aunt I hope will fall head over heals in love with the Weigela’s leave-licious charm.

To live in my yard is to be put through a rigorous test of endurance.  Another contender for severe neglect are these 3 clematis.  They were purchased online in early spring.  I can’t find a tag for them now so I’m hoping that my spring musings has made record of them in this journal.  You may be asking why these are planted so close together?  I’m playing the percentage game.  I’ve managed to keep 1 in 3 plants alive these last few years, so its pretty likely all three won’t eventually cover my fireplace with gorgeous blooms.

Why did it take me nearly 5 months to plant these?  I knew all along I wanted them in that exact spot. It is because I couldn’t decide on a trellis to go behind them or if I should buy a nice arbor and make the walkway a grand entrance of sorts.  I pondered this all summer, noting how wonderful it was to have a nice open walkway where it had once been crowded by a misplaced mock orange removed this spring.  So in the end I waited too long to purchase a trellis and now most box stores and garden centers have gone through their stock.  So that is to ponder at the beginning of next year.   That is if these little guys make it after such a long wait for soil.

New clematis


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