Indian Summer in Colorado brings flowers

The garden is still bloom come October in Colorado.

As I’ve said in another post we’ve had quite a run with a long warm fall.  So warm in fact, flowers are blooming and buds are forming on plants I didn’t imagine would have anything to do with fall.  Today temperatures were in the 70’s, a full 10 degrees above normal, and we are expecting up to 80 degrees over the next couple days.

Everyone knows that asters, chrysanthemum (mums), and sedum are late bloomers and showy in fall.  But imagine my surprise seeing asiatic lilies and roses even after the blackeyed Susan and cone flowers had long past their peak.

I took these pictures on October 22.  I had thought I would rip out the lilies because they weren’t fragrant.  Now I’m glad I left them alone!  And Indian summer?  I SO LOVE living in Colorado!

But of course the temperatures will soon be changing and the sprinkler system will have to be winterized!


An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.